Contact information

We are situated in the Fingerpost Park Health Centre, which is a building housing 3 Practices and other NHS services


Cornerstone Surgery
Fingerpost Park Health Centre
Atlas Street
St. Helens
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Telephone & Fax

Phone: 01744 738835 / 01744 647040
Fax: 01744 454624

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Please note that emails which are sent to the Practice's previous email address ( will still be received

Social media

Cornerstone Surgery has a Facebook page and Twitter account which are used to inform patients of important notices and updates

Please DO NOT use either Facebook or Twitter as a method of contacting the Practice. The Practice only uses social media to send out information, and comments or replies are not routinely monitored. Cornerstone Surgery will not accept liability for any problems arising where Facebook or Twitter has been used in an attempt to contact the Practice



The building has a car park at the rear

Accessible Facilities

The building has parking spaces reserved for disabled patients next to the rear entrance and a ramp for accessing the building by the front entrance. The ground floor is on one level and there is a lift for accessing the 1st floor. There are also accessible toilets

The Practice has a low level desk for wheelchair access and also has an accessible toilet

Last update 12/11/14